HIP Medicaid Insured Breast Pumps For New York Moms

Are you a new or expecting mother in New York covered by HIP Medicaid insurance? You are eligible to receive a free insured breast pump. When you choose A Medical Supply for your free pump, you have access to the best breast pump brands like Medela and Spectra, as well as all of the breastfeeding supplies you may need. At A Med Supply, we handle the insurance side of things so you can focus on getting ready for your new family member. Head over to our insurance page to get started.

Breast Milk Versus Formula

Many moms wonder if breastfeeding is even still necessary considering the advancements in baby formula. While baby formula can provide your growing baby with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to develop and thrive, there are still a few benefits that breast milk offers which formula simply cannot. Formula is designed to meet the basic needs of all babies, whereas your breast milk is designed specifically for your baby. Experts recommend that babies should be fed only breast milk for the first six months of life because of the many benefits, a few of which are listed below:

  • Increased Immune System: Your newborn baby has almost no immunity built up to fight diseases - but you do. When you nurse, helpful disease-fighting antibodies are passed along your little one, resulting in fewer cases of respiratory disease, meningitis, and other illnesses.

  • Easier To Digest: Breast milk is much more easily digested than formula, meaning breastfed babies experience fewer cases of diarrhea and other gastrointestinal infections.

  • Long-Term Benefits: Babies who are breastfed have a lower risk of developing chronic illnesses later in childhood, including asthma, allergies, and obesity. Additionally, breastfed babies have nearly half the risk of experiencing SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) than formula-fed babies.

  • Benefits For Moms: Many moms are unaware that there are benefits of breastfeeding for them, too. When nursing, your body is better adapted at absorbing calcium - something that many adults are deficient in. This can help to create stronger bones and lower the risk of osteoporosis later in life. Breastfeeding also helps to release a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone helps to create a strong chemical bond with your baby, but also helps your uterus contract and return to pre-pregnancy size, reducing the amount of postpartum bleeding. It may come as a relief that many mothers (not all) who breastfeed do not experience their period for the duration that they are nursing. This just creates one less thing to worry about while caring for your newborn.

Receive Your Insured Breast Pumps With A Med Supply

Quality, electric breast pumps are a necessity for many moms, especially those who need to return to work soon after giving birth. However, they can also be expensive. Because breastfeeding can lead to healthier babies, most insurance plans cover the cost of breastfeeding equipment in order to allow all moms who choose to breastfeed the opportunity to do so. A Medical Supply will handle the insurance side of things for you and send your free breast pump to your door once approved. Head over to our insurance page to get started, and be sure to check out the rest of our breastfeeding supplies and nursing essentials.

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