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Mothers Covered Under US Family Health Plan Can Receive Free Breast Pumps

The US Family Health Plan insures uniformed service members and their families. As of 2014, new and expecting mothers under this health plan are eligible to receive a free breast pump covered by insurance. This comes as a relief for many mothers who are trying to navigate motherhood with a new infant. At A Medical Supply, we know you have a lot on your plate as you start this journey, so we do our part to make it as easy as possible. As a leading supplier of free insured breast pumps for mothers, we’ll handle the insurance side of things so you have one less thing to worry about. Choose from your preferred breast pump brands like Medela, Ardo, Ameda, and Spectra, and gain access to all of the other breastfeeding supplies you may need.

Do I Need To Breastfeed My Baby?

Many mothers ask themselves this question in the weeks leading up to birth. Thankfully with advancements in baby formula, a bottle-fed baby can have all of the nutrients it needs to develop. However, formula only provides the basic nutrients and vitamins that a baby needs. Breast milk, on the other hand, has some proven additional benefits that even the best formula cannot offer.

Benefits Of Breastfeeding For Babies

Breast milk has been shown to have helpful antibodies that pass along to your infant, boosting their immune system. This results in fewer cases of pneumonia, cold, meningitis, and other viruses and illnesses that might make your little one sick. Similarly, breast milk is more easily digested by babies, which can prevent frequent bouts of diarrhea and constipation. All of this equates to a healthier baby and fewer trips to the doctor’s office. These are just a few of the benefits that affect your baby in infancy, but the advantages of breastfeeding will follow your child for life. Breastfed babies tend to have a healthy childhood weight, and are less likely to develop chronic conditions like asthma, Crohn’s disease, and diabetes.

Mothers Benefit From Breastfeeding, Too!

Babies aren’t the only ones who get to reap all the benefits of breastfeeding. A breastfeeding woman’s body is better at absorbing calcium, which can lower her risk of postmenopausal osteoporosis. Additionally, breastfeeding can save thousands of dollars a year that would have otherwise gone towards baby formula, making it a great economical choice - especially considering you can get a free breast pump with insurance. Breastfeeding also releases a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone helps to create a strong bond with your baby and also encourages your uterus to contract to its pre-pregnancy size, resulting in less postpartum bleeding.

We Provide Free Breast Pumps With US Family Health Plan

If you are covered under the US Family Health Plan, be sure to not pass up your free breast pump. Having access to a high-quality breast pump can help working mothers return to work more easily and also allows mothers to pump and store their milk. When you order through A Med Supply, you not only have access to the best breast pumps available, but can also get all of your necessary nursing supplies like nursing bras, breastfeeding cover-ups, nipple creams, postpartum tummy bands, and more. Get started today to get your insured breast pump!

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